Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spider Send Just For You

sometimes, we are not able to send large files or documents using internet, or sometime we use compressing techniques to compress that files or docs and send it through particular address using internet. However, it is most time consuming task because you need to compress that files and while attaching that file it can take lots of time. As technology changes with time, spider send is innovation that comes in computer world, which is helpful for you to send large files using internet.
Spider Send is one of most useful software that is used to sharing large file, which allows users to send large files to multiple recipients all at a single click. Hundreds of users use this service every day to send large files using mobile devices and website. This software is mostly useful to send from iPhone, send files from mobile. You can send videos from iPhone; even you can share mobile files too. This service is useful to send large files from mobile devices as well as sharing large files to anyone, anywhere, anytime right from their PC.
Now Spider Send app is useful for iPhone, iPod and iPad to send videos or pictures right from your device. Spider Send Lite app is now available in the app store. With Spider Send app, you can send large files right from your iPhone, iPod and iPad. In this application, you can work in two-way sending and receiving short codes. With Spider Send users are able to videos and images directly from their phone to anyone else through Twitter, email or Facebook. You needed a spider send account and then once they are uploaded, you can share the provided links with anyone at any time.
Spider Send has some features for many users can access the demo account daily and to actually post your images and videos would expose them to hundreds of different users. This spider send is mostly use in many software companies. It has another important feature that can be used with free file transfers including password protection, confirmation emails and extended file expiry dates. You can send 100MB of data at time, which is impossible before couple of years. This technology is now mostly used in iPhone and iPad mobiles phones. You can also send any files directly to each other. In addition, you can also share these files between two mobile phones. It provides fastest way to send large file between to particular destination at anytime and anywhere. It is provided perfect solution to those peoples who are related with computer world and frequently require to sending big file to their clients and friends.