Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New uploading apps added to Spider Send

Spider Send is proud to announce that we have now implemented two new uploading apps on our website. These new file upload software, will make it much easier and more user friendly for our users to send large files.

One of the uploading apps that has been added is a Flash program for a faster upload speed and ideal for larger files between 100MB to 1GB. With this flash program, users can do everything they could do before, but much faster. Users interested in using this application must have Flash installed on their computer.

The second upload software that has been added is a Silverlight program which is ideal for files of any size (1MB - 2.00GB) and it supports resumable uploads. With resumable upload, you will not have to start an upload from the beginning if for any reason your connection cuts out. You would simply start the large file transfer from the point it was stopped at. To use this program, users will need to have Silverlight installed on their computer.

We hope that these new uploading software will help our users' experience at Spider Send.

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