Sunday, April 18, 2010

How to send a large file to one or more people

Have you ever wanted to send a large file (a video, a collection of pictures, an application and so on) to a few of your friends? As we all know, it’s impossible to send a file larger than 20MB in most cases over email and msn or yahoo messenger would take a really long time specially if you have to send the file to more than one person.

There’s a new solution to this problem now. A new file sharing website called Spider Send was launched late November 2009. The way Spider Send works, is that you upload the file once to their server, and then from within this site, or via email, facebook, twitter and any other method, you just send a download link to your friends so they can download the file from Spider Send. So no more sending the file to multiple people, you just send the file once and Spider Send takes care of sending it to all your friends / coworkers.

Spider Send also has great deals and very cheap and free membership packages. You can send a file up to 25MB for free to multiple recipients without ever having to sign up. You can do this right from their home page. Then you can sign up for a FREE package which will still allow you to send files up to 200MB to multiple users again all for free. They have some paid membership plans as well where users get different file limits and features depending on their selected plan. Check out their different plans here: Cheap and Free file sending solutions.

This service could be used by anyone such as students, businesses, artists, photographers and so on. Basically anyone who deals with large files / pictures / videos can benefit from this great service.

Got a File To Send? … Spider Send It!