Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An easy way to send large files

If you've ever tried sending large files to one or more of your friends, you must have realized the limitations and problems with this process. With all the new digital cameras these days, the quality of pictures and/or videos are a lot higher and therefore, the size of these files are also getting bigger and bigger.

Most email clients these days only allow up to 20-25MB per attachment. That could mean as low as 7-10 images only and in most cases, no way you can send a video file under that limit. Another option would be sending the file over msn. But those of you who have tried that, know how slow the transfer is and imagine having to do that with 10 people to send them the files. So what do you do when a file is too big to email?

Spider Send, is the solution for this problem. With Spider Send, all you have to do is upload your file once and send the download link to as many people as you like. This way, your computer will not be using the bandwidth and resources for each transfer, and the download speed for your friends or coworkers would much higher than email or messenger' speed.

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